How does Kate offer Professional Supervision?
Kate starts with the premise that effective Professional Supervision requires a flexible approach utilising a range of different supervision styles, methods and techniques tailored to the individual. The process does however have the following process thread:
Phase 1: Introduction to establishing an effective working alliance with the supervisee
  • Focus is on supervisee’s expectations
  • Clarification of goals and outcomes
  • Clarification of the supervisee’s style and preferred methods of learning
  • Agreement about schedule etc.
Phase 2: Ongoing Professional Supervision
Sessions are based on:
  • What the supervisee brings to the sessions
  • Discussion of ongoing issues and themes from previous sessions
  • Identification of learning/improvement strategies and follow-up evaluation
  • Forward Goal setting
Phase 3: Review of the Supervision Process (as negotiated)
  • How is Professional Supervision working for the Supervisee?
  • What is being covered?
  • What is not?
  • What can be improved on?
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