What you might like to know about Kate:
Kate is a qualified Social Worker based in Melbourne, Australia with over 20 years experience in:
  • Community Health
  • Aged Services
  • Youth Services
  • Family Support
  • Community Development
  • Local Government
  • Crisis Intervention – (worked with marginalised people)
  • Volunteer Management
She has provided Contracted Professional Supervision for the past 9 years and successfully utilised her experience and understanding to enhance the practice of a wide range of staff from many organisations.
Kate is a current member of the Australian Association of Social Workers www.aasw.asn.au
Kate approaches Professional Supervision believing:
  • The supervisee is resourceful and able to deal with their professional issues, but requires the opportunity to regularly step back and reflect on what they are doing and what they are aiming to achieve
  • The well being of the professional is an essential parameter of maintaining effective practice standards
  • Professional Supervision is an ongoing process that requires continuous focus on goals in order for the supervisee to develop professionally, personally and within their specific role
On a personal note:
Kate understands the issues facing frontline professional practitioners. She reflects on her own career and can pinpoint those critical times when having positive professional supervision provided her with the support, the confidence, the reassurance, and the challenges necessary to keep her focussed and supported to continue to not only ‘do the job’ but aspire to achieve best possible practice.

Kate believes that regardless of how experienced you are, the opportunity to debrief and reflect with someone outside the immediate organisation is vital to ensuring your well being, minimise burn out and create continued focus on being an effective professional.

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